PR Friendly

{REVIEWS} I require a full size sample to review and keep. You can read my ABOUT ME page to see if your product would correspond to my family’s life style. I would use the product for 2 to 3 weeks and write a detailed description of my experience with the product. I will include photos and a video depending on the product. Companies must provide the item free of charge. I am not responsible for shipping costs to me here in Canada. If I have any problems with the product I will contact you directly before writing the review.

{GIVEAWAYS} If you would like even more publicity for your product or store, a giveaway is a great way to accomplish this. A second sample of the reviewed product or gift certificate/code would be required. I would run the giveaway for 2 weeks. Readers would be asked to follow you through different social media sites. Shipment of the giveaway item to the winner would be your responsibly. I would provide you with the winner’s name and postal address. This is a Canadian site, so I would prefer to host giveaways that are open to other Canadians.

{ADVERTISEMENTS} Ad space is available on my blog for a fee. Please CONTACT ME for pricing options.

Please visit my Reviews Page to see past reviews that I have completed for other companies.