Snowshoeing Mount Liberty and Mount Flume, NH. {4000 Footers}

Snowshoeing Mount Liberty and Mount Flume, NH

On Saturday, March 18th 2017, Monica and I went snowshoeing Mount Liberty and Mount Flume in New Hampshire. These two mountains were #21 and #22 on our list to complete all 48 mountains over 4000 feet in the White Mountains. You can read about our other mountain hikes here.  Last year, we didn’t get the chance to use our snowshoes in the mountains. It was too icy and we only used microspikes. There was a blizzard at the beginning of this week so we were super excited to hit the mountains on the weekend. I picked Monica up a little… » Continue Reading

Solo Snowshoeing with My Dog

Solo Snowshoeing with My Dog

I absolutely love snowshoeing. I love getting outside during our Canadian winters and getting as much fresh air and fitness as possible. Usually my friends and family are busy and cannot join me. Thankfully, I have my trusted partner, Gunner the Golden Retriever to accompany me on my many solo adventures. There is nothing more peaceful than walking alone in the woods with my dog. If you are ever stressed or overwhelmed, make time for the quiet and solitude of the forest. I live in Quebec, Canada and usually we have an awesome winter with tons of snow making it… » Continue Reading

Snowshoeing up Mount Pierce and Mount Eisenhower in New Hampshire

Along the ridge

I love snowshoeing, I love getting out in nature and making my own trail through soft powder. We are lucky enough to have a couple hundred acres of woods belonging to my neighbour that we have free access to. I also love hiking, climbing mountains and exploring new trails.  I hiked my first mountain last summer, Mount Washington, NH, the highest peak in the North East. I had wanted to climb that mountain for years but never considered myself physically fit enough to do so. Once I started training for my first full marathon I knew I was capable of… » Continue Reading