Hiking Mount Jackson, NH in Winter (4000 Footers)

Hiking Mount Jackson NH in Winter

On Sunday, January 22nd 2017, Monica and I headed out to complete our 20th mountain over 4000 feet in New Hampshire. We started hiking the mountains during the summer of 2014. So we have been working on the list of 48 4000 footers for 2.5 years now. Since Monica and I are both mothers we have a lot of scheduling to do to be able to slip away to the mountains for a whole day, especially since we live 2 and a half hours away. We are always so exciting to get away to the mountains. We have done a… » Continue Reading

Hiking Mount Hancock and South Hancock, NH {4000 Footers}

Hiking Mount Hancock and South Hancock, NH

My hiking partner, Monica, and I have been steadily working through the list of 48 mountains over 4000 feet in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. For the last three years we have done a hike of the 4000 Footers around my birthday. Best way to celebrate ever! On Saturday, November 26th, we hiked Mount Hancock and South Hancock. Completing our 18th & 19th 4000 Footers. I picked Monica up at 5:45am and we set off to drive from Quebec to New Hampshire. I was worried there would be traffic at the border since it is the American Thanksgiving weekend… » Continue Reading

Hiking Mount Moriah, New Hampshire {4000 Footers}

Hiking Mount Moriah, New Hampshire

Monica and I have hiked 16 of the 48 White Mountains that are over 4000 feet. We are gradually tackling mountains and checking them off our list. Since we live in Quebec and have to drive 2 hours each way to get there, it is slow going but we are making progress, especially when we did 4 mountains in one day this summer. On Saturday October 1st 2016, Monica, her daughter Ashley and I headed to New Hampshire to hike Mount Moriah. I picked them up at 7:30am. We got to the trail head just before 10am. There is not… » Continue Reading

Hiking Sentiers de Bromont, Quebec

Hiking Sentiers de Bromont, Quebec

If you have been a reader of Country Fit Family for awhile you know that I love hiking and exploring new trails. I have been on a mission for the last couple of years to try out all the hiking trails in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. Well, all the ones that are dog friendly at least. Can’t leave my Gunner home when I hike! I write detailed recaps of the hikes that I do with my young sons and our dog to enable other families an opportunity to explore with their children as well. Nothing makes me happier than seeing… » Continue Reading

Hiking Zealand Mountain & The Bonds, New Hampshire {4000 Footers}

Hiking Zealand Mountain and The Bonds NH

My friend Monica and I are on a quest to hike all of The 4000 Footers in The White Mountains of New Hampshire. Out of the 48 mountains we had hiked 12, including our first which was Mount Washington. You can read about all those hikes here. We decided to do our biggest adventure yet last Saturday, June 18 2016. We planned to climb 4 mountains in one day. I researched all the possible routes extensively in the days leading up to our hike. There are a few ways to reach The Bonds (Mount Bond, West Bond and Bondcliff) but they are… » Continue Reading

Hiking Sentiers Des Quatre Saisons Asbestos Quebec

Sentiers Des Quatre Saisons Asbestos Quebec.

I was super excited to head out today to explore new hiking trails with my youngest son and our dog. I haven’t tried out any NEW trails with my kids since last summer. We have done lots of hiking but always on old favourites. It was a beautiful sunny day that promised to get hot in the afternoon. Perfect weather for hiking amongst the trees. As soon as my oldest son got on the school bus, we loaded up the car and headed out. It is a 45 minute drive from Lennoxville, QC to the trail head for hiking Sentiers… » Continue Reading

Attempt to Hike East Osceola Mountain NH in Spring

Attempt hiking East Osceola NH in Spring

On Monday, March 28th 2016, my friend Monica, Gunner my Golden Retriever and I attempted to hike East Osceola Mountain in New Hampshire. We have completed 12 of the 48 4000 footers of NH. Yesterday’s hike was not successful however. We had wanted to hike on Friday but the high winds and huge amounts of rain deterred us. We couldn’t go on the weekend as Monica and I both had Easter plans. So we decided to go on Monday, the weather was still forecasting rain and snow but much less than it had on Friday so we decided to go… » Continue Reading

Hiking Mount Moosilauke NH in Winter. {4000 Footer}

Hiking Mount Moosilauke NH in Winter

My friend Monica and I are slowly making our way through the list of 48 mountains over 4000 feet in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. This past weekend we completed our 12th mountain.  You can read about all our previous mountain recaps here on my blog. On Saturday March 5th, Monica, Gunner my Golden Retriever and I set out at 7am to drive the 2.5 hours from our home in Quebec to the Mount Moosilauke trail head in New Hampshire. We have been super excited for hiking Mount Moosilauke NH in winter for a long time. We have been… » Continue Reading

Solo Snowshoeing with My Dog

Solo Snowshoeing with My Dog

I absolutely love snowshoeing. I love getting outside during our Canadian winters and getting as much fresh air and fitness as possible. Usually my friends and family are busy and cannot join me. Thankfully, I have my trusted partner, Gunner the Golden Retriever to accompany me on my many solo adventures. There is nothing more peaceful than walking alone in the woods with my dog. If you are ever stressed or overwhelmed, make time for the quiet and solitude of the forest. I live in Quebec, Canada and usually we have an awesome winter with tons of snow making it… » Continue Reading

Winter Hiking Mount Waumbek, New Hampshire (4000 Footer)

Winter Hiking Mount Waumbek New Hampshire

On Saturday, January 9th 2015, my friend Monica and I continued on our goal of hiking all of the 48 mountains over 4000 feet in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, known as the NH 4000 Footers. We are from Quebec so each day hike we do in NH includes 4 hours of driving as well. For our 11th mountain we climbed Mount Waumbek together with my Golden Retriever, Gunner. The weather on Saturday was perfect. Unseasonally warm with a temperature of -2C (28F). It took a lot of discussion for us to determine what to wear on this hike. We had… » Continue Reading