Alphabet Felt Learning Activity for Kids

Alphabet Felt Learning Activity for Kids

    I bring my four-year-old son to a local play group twice a week. They have many toys and crafts for the kids to play with freely. One of the activities is a felt board with felt dinosaurs, people and shapes. My son loves playing with it and I have been planning on making one at home for quite awhile. This week, I got out the felt I had bought and set to work. My son has been on a huge alphabet kick. He loves practising the alphabet so I decided to make the Alphabet Felt Learning Activity for… » Continue Reading

Cribbage Preschool Counting Game

Cribbage Preschool Counting Game

This Cribbage Preschool Counting Game came about one day while my mother was visiting. She and I were playing a regular game of crib when my boys asked what we were doing and wanted to play too. At 3 and 5 years old, I knew they were too young to be counting the 15-twos and all the other scoring so we modified the game play to make it easy, educational and fun for the whole family.       {Materials} Cribbage board & pegs Regular playing cards   {Game Play} Can be played with 1 to 3 people For ages… » Continue Reading

Valentine’s Day Light Box Activity for Kids

Valentine's Day Light Box Activity for Kids

I love Valentine’s Day, mostly for the fun themed crafts and activities I can do with my kids. Once January rolls around we get started with everything red, pink, hearts and love. I have been intrigued by the idea of making a light box for my kids for quite awhile. While I was at the Dollar Store last week, the huge selection of Valentine’s Day craft accessories inspired me to make this Valentine’s Day Light Box Activity for Kids. Very quick, inexpensive and easy with hours of fun to be had by all.     I Googled how to make… » Continue Reading

Valentine’s Card Craft with Beans

Valentine's Card Craft with Beans

Here is a quick and easy Valentine’s Card Craft with Beans for you and/or your children to make. It requires very few materials and makes a cute card for family and friends. Depending on the age of your children they can do all or most of it themselves.   {Materials} white cardstock or bristol board markers play dough in a few colours glue dry white kidney beans   {Method} Cut the bristol board to the size of a card Use a heart cookie cutter or shape the play dough into heart shapes Press two kidney beans into the hearts Let… » Continue Reading

Father’s Day Kid Made Gift Ideas

Father's Day Kid Made Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is coming up quickly on Sunday June 21st 2015. If you have not gotten your children’s father, grandfather, Godfather a gift yet, here is a collection of Father’s Day kid made gift ideas. They are fun, inexpensive and creative! Gather up your kids, some supplies and get gift making.        Father’s Day Craft: Handprint Tree and Poem A Restaurant for Daddy All About My Dad (or Grandpa) Free Printable How to Make Your Own Magnets Gift     Father’s Day Handprint-Footprint MOOSE Craft Frugal Father’s Day Gifts (Printable Letter) A Homemade Tie for Dad Toddler DIY:… » Continue Reading

Father’s Day Handprint-Footprint MOOSE Craft

Father's Day Handprint-Footprint MOOSE Craft

    Father’s Day is coming up in just a few weeks. Sunday, June 21st for those of you wondering. I always have great intentions of doing Father’s Day crafts with our boys so they can give it to their Dad as gifts but it always sneaks up on me faster than expected! This year, I am on the ball!  We created this super cute Father’s Day handprint-footprint moose craft this morning. The foot print is from our youngest son and the handprints are from our oldest. My oldest didn’t want his foot painted so we compromised.  This is a… » Continue Reading

5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Tomorrow, April 22nd is Earth Day which is celebrated annually world wide. The environment has always been very important to me and I have strived to become more environmentally friendly as the years pass. In our household we have always recycled and composted. My little boys always ask if something can be recycled before they put it in the garbage. I used cloth diapers with both of my babies and mostly second hand clothes. We try to be as environmentally conscious as we can and take the time to enjoy the great outdoors every day.  Since tomorrow is Earth Day,… » Continue Reading

St. Patrick’s Day Recipes and Crafts

St. Patrick's Day Recipes and Crafts

    I love St. Patrick’s Day recipes and crafts, green is my favourite colour and the beautifully coloured activities are endless for St. Pat’s. I love doing holiday crafts with my kids and teaching them about each holiday as we play together. The sweet recipes are a great reward for a crafting job well done. Also fun if you are hosting a St. Patrick’s Day party. Check out my Creme de Menthe Cheesecake Cup Recipe, great for adult-only parties!     Amanda from Multi-Testing Mommy and I have compiled another great collection of crafts and recipes. Try out the… » Continue Reading

16 Valentine’s Day Activity Ideas for Kids

16 Valentine's Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day is this weekend! Where has the time gone? Or is it only me that finds this winter passing quickly? Must be all the time we have been spending outside.  Amanda from Multi-Testing Mommy and I have collected another fun list of Valentine’s Day ideas.  Did you see last week’s post of Kid Friendly Valentine’s Day Treats? Why not make a fun weekend for your children out of this holiday and fill it with reds, pinks, purples and lots of crafts and sweets!?  I know my own little boys love doing colourful Valentine’s activities.  Here are 16 Valentine’s Day… » Continue Reading

Leaf Collage Suncatchers

Leaf Collage Suncatchers

   {Materials} multi-coloured leaves thick white paper glue-stick tape pencil scissors   I took my two little boys outside on a beautiful fall day to collect leaves. We have a flowering bush whose leaves change colours so we picked a basket full of little colourful leaves.  The leaves were damp from the dew so I laid them all out on paper towels to dry and we continued to play outside until they were dry.      I traced a large maple leaf onto 3 pieces of thick white paper. I gave the boys a glue stick and had them add… » Continue Reading