Alphabet Felt Learning Activity for Kids

Alphabet Felt Learning Activity for Kids

    I bring my four-year-old son to a local play group twice a week. They have many toys and crafts for the kids to play with freely. One of the activities is a felt board with felt dinosaurs, people and shapes. My son loves playing with it and I have been planning on making one at home for quite awhile. This week, I got out the felt I had bought and set to work. My son has been on a huge alphabet kick. He loves practising the alphabet so I decided to make the Alphabet Felt Learning Activity for… » Continue Reading

Button Bats – Craft for Kids

Button Bats craft for kids

My mother gave me a huge box full of buttons a while ago and I have been excited to try out some new crafts with my kids. This week in anticipation of Halloween we created Button Bats craft for kids.     Materials: black or dark coloured buttons dark coloured pipe cleaners googly eyes white glue or sticky tac fishing line   My four-year-old son enjoyed picking through the button box for the black buttons. We used one large black button for the head and many smaller black buttons for the wings. Thread one pipecleaner through the button hole of… » Continue Reading

Fall Tissue Paper Tree Craft for Kids

Fall Tissue Paper Tree Craft

My favourite season has rolled around again. I love everything about fall. The trees are just beginning to change colour here in Quebec and it has inspired a fun craft for my son. My 4 year old son just broke his arm on the weekend jumping on the trampoline with friends so I wanted to come up with an activity he could do using only his left hand. It took a bit of trial and error but he was able to create a beautiful fall tissue paper craft to hang in the entrance to our house. It was a beautiful… » Continue Reading

Alphabet Search, Cut & Glue Activity for Preschoolers

Alphabet Search, Cut & Glue Activity for Preschoolers

My three year old son loves to do learning activities. He especially loves cutting and gluing. I decided to combine his loves into this simple, free and fun alphabet learning activity for preschoolers. Here is our Alphabet Search, Cut & Glue Activity for Preschoolers.       Materials Required: Flyers, newspapers or old magazines Scissors Glue White paper   Method: Choose the letter of the alphabet you would like to work on today. Have your child search through the flyers or magazine for that letter in upper case and lower case. Have your child cut the letters out. Write the… » Continue Reading

Valentine’s Day Light Box Activity for Kids

Valentine's Day Light Box Activity for Kids

I love Valentine’s Day, mostly for the fun themed crafts and activities I can do with my kids. Once January rolls around we get started with everything red, pink, hearts and love. I have been intrigued by the idea of making a light box for my kids for quite awhile. While I was at the Dollar Store last week, the huge selection of Valentine’s Day craft accessories inspired me to make this Valentine’s Day Light Box Activity for Kids. Very quick, inexpensive and easy with hours of fun to be had by all.     I Googled how to make… » Continue Reading

Valentine’s Card Craft with Beans

Valentine's Card Craft with Beans

Here is a quick and easy Valentine’s Card Craft with Beans for you and/or your children to make. It requires very few materials and makes a cute card for family and friends. Depending on the age of your children they can do all or most of it themselves.   {Materials} white cardstock or bristol board markers play dough in a few colours glue dry white kidney beans   {Method} Cut the bristol board to the size of a card Use a heart cookie cutter or shape the play dough into heart shapes Press two kidney beans into the hearts Let… » Continue Reading

Most Popular Blog Posts of 2015

Most Popular Posts of 2015

Today is the last day of 2015, this year has just flown by as usual. I always enjoy looking back through my blog statistics to see which posts were the most popular during the year. By using Google Analytics I can see which posts have gotten the most views. The most popular were published in previous years so I have made two lists. The top 10 most viewed in 2015 and the top 10 most viewed that were posted in 2015.       TOP 10 Most Viewed Blog Posts in 2015 (Published in any year)   1.) Breakfast Bars… » Continue Reading

Plasticine Christmas Tree Decorating Activity for Kids

Plasticine Christmas Tree Decorating Activity for Kids

Christmas is such a fun time for crafting and creative activities. I really enjoy coming up with easy and colourful things to do with my children. This plasticine Christmas tree decorating activity for kids is a very simple, enjoyable and reusable activity for kids and parents! I bought the materials at the Dollar Store. If you browse around a little you can get inspired by the simplest of things. This whole activity cost less than $5.00.     Materials 1 green brick of plasticine modelling clay 2 Christmas card decorating kits (different colours) Few pieces of thin ribbon   Method… » Continue Reading

Textured Snowman Art for Kids

Textured Snowman Art for Kids

It is a dreary raining day here. Perfect for crafting with kids! My 3.5 year old son and I had a blast creating a holiday/winter themed work of art. We are both waiting impatiently for the snow to fall so decided to make snowmen.   Materials white card stock or piece of poster board white, blue, green, red and white sparkly tissue paper glue stick   Process This is a very easy and fun craft to do with your kids. They will need more or less help from you depending on their ages. My 3.5 year old and I worked… » Continue Reading

Easy Tissue Paper Ghosts – Craft for Kids

Easy Tissue Paper Ghosts

Halloween will be here before we know it! My kids keep asking how many more days to Halloween? So we decided to make some of our own decorations to start celebrating this fun holiday early. This is a really fun and easy craft for kids. The process of it practices a lot of useful skills and works on finger dexterity. I drew a ghostly design onto white card stock then gave my 3 and 5 year old boys, scissors to cut it out along the lines. Being able to cut along lines is a difficult skill to learn and requires… » Continue Reading