Pregnancy Fears: It Happened to My Sisters, It Will Happen to Me…

Pregnancy Fears

Welcome to the February 2014 Carnival of Natural Parenting: Parenting Fears This post was written for inclusion in the monthly Carnival of Natural Parenting hosted by Code Name: Mama and Hobo Mama. This month our participants have shared stories and wisdom about parenting fears.   We all have pregnancy fears, it is just the beginning of the worry that we live with as parents. Some fears come from reading too much on the internet, some come from listening to insensitive acquaintances and some are based on the difficulties that our family members have had.  Pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding have often… » Continue Reading

KoalaKin Hands-Free Nursing Pouch #REVIEW

The KoalaKin Hands-Free Nursing Pouch was created by a breastfeeding mother. The KoalaKin can be used if you have other children to care for, have a baby that has difficulty latching and/or if you have arm, neck, shoulder pain from nursing. {KoalaKin Product Info} Shoulder harness with detachable nursing pouch  Comes in 2 sizes based on baby’s length Size XS/S (birth to 24 inches) Size M/L (25 to 30 inches) Comes in 2 colors (chocolate brown and black/tan) Fits babies from birth to 35 lbs or 30 inches Ideal size is 7 to 25 lbs Three adjustable straps to accomadate… » Continue Reading

Breastfeeding Challenge 2012

On Saturday September 29th, I participated in the Global Breastfeeding Challenge 2012. The Global Breastfeeding Challenges organizes sites throughout the world and invites breastfeeding mothers to come for a social event that has everyone start nursing their babies at the same time, 11:00am. The Challenge was established to promote breastfeeding and nursing in public. The Breastfeeding Challenge had participants from all over the world. There were 207 sites registered from 7 different countries: Canada, The United States, Ireland, China, Romania, Japan and the Ukraine. They are still awaiting the submission from 60 sites but so far the tallies reveal that… » Continue Reading

Second Peek Maternity Boutique #Review and #FallGreen Sponsor

Second Peek Maternity Boutique is a Canadian online store that sells pre-loved maternity and nursing wear, unique gifts and mom-invented products. Pre-loved maternity clothes sells for up to 90% off retail price! It was founded in 2009. Women can sell or consign their gently used maternity clothes through the Second Peek website as well. Our goal is to help moms save time, money and sanity. {Items Sold} Secondhand maternity tops, pants, shorts, business wear, dresses, swimsuits, sleepwear, belly bands and more. Secondhand nursing tops and bras Unique gifts for mom and baby New mom-invented gear such as: Dapper Snappers, Chimparoo… » Continue Reading

Ameda Store ‘N Pour Breast Milk Storage Bag #Review

Mother’s Choice Products is a Canadian online store established in 1993. It sells breastfeeding essentials such as pumps, milk storage bags, natural skin care products, diaper bags, and more. They offer much breastfeeding support and information on their website as well.  I was sent the Ameda Store ‘N Pour Milk Storage: Getting Started Kit to review. {Ameda Store ‘N Pour Milk Storage Getting Started Kit}  Two flange adapters 20 Store ‘N Pour bags Pump directly into the bags by using the adapters Adapters fit many style of pump flanges not just Ameda pumps Cut the tip of the bag and… » Continue Reading

Momzelle #Breastfeeding Shirt #Review #NewbornCloth Event

Momzelle is a Canadian company created by a mother and brother team based in Quebec. Momzelle sells a variety of nursing shirts, dresses and tank tops. As well as nursing bands, maternity shirts and baby onesies. {Product Information} 3/4 Sleeve Fancy Top Electric blue 95% cotton modale and 5% spandex Designed to flatter the postpartum figure Universal breast openings ensure discreet and comfortable breastfeeding experience Machine wash and dry-able Made in Peru {My Review} Momzelle shirts are perfect for nursing discreetly and easily. They have many great styles to choose from and fit well even after just giving birth. I wore… » Continue Reading

The Shield Shell: Nipple Shield Case #Review #NewbornCloth Event

The Shield Shell is a specifically designed case to store contact nipple shields when not breastfeeding. The Shield Shell will protect your shields from loss, damage, debris, contamination, children and pets. They are BPA free and come in nine great colors. Nipple shields are used as a breastfeeding aid. Often used by woman with flat or inverted nipples or with premature or weak babies. The shield provides an extra surface for the baby to latch onto. Please read more information about the pros and cons of nipple shields from  Nipple Shields {My Review} When my first son was born… » Continue Reading

Udder Covers #Breastfeeding Gift Set #Review #NewbornCloth Event

Udder Covers is an American company that provides nursing covers to allow for discreet breastfeeding in public. They were founded in 2005. They also have gift sets available which includes an Udder Cover, MilkBands and reusable nursing pads. {Gift Set Product Information} ‘Maria’ Gift Set Value: $49.85 — Cost: $39.95 Udder Covers Nursing Cover Comes in 6 prints 33 inches wide and 24 inches long Rigid neckline enables direct eye contact with your baby 100% cotton Stainless steel D-rings for adjustable neckline Machine washable $34.95 MilkBands Nursing Bracelet Keep track of how long you nursed, which side and what time… » Continue Reading

Family Friday — #Breastfeeding Conclusions

My son will be a year old in 5 days and I think our breastfeeding relationship is coming to an end. He was exclusively breastfed for the first 5.5 months of his life. I felt very strongly about him receiving only breast milk until he was 6 months old. Everything that I had read and researched stated that this was the best thing for my baby. Here in Quebec Canada, this is the recommendation of most nurses and doctors. Not every mother wants to or is capable of following these guidelines, however. While checking some facts on breastfeeding practices in… » Continue Reading

Family Friday—Gram’s Breastfeeding Query

A few months ago I had this short and sweet conversation with my grandmother. She knows I am breastfeeding but we had never really talked about it before. She lives far away and has only recently met my 11 month old son.  She called and asked what I was up to. I told her, “Just feeding the baby.” “Is he still on the titty?” I laughed to myself because I had never heard it described that way. It just sounded so cute coming out of my 78 year old Gram’s mouth. I told her that yes I was still nursing…. » Continue Reading