About Me

So happy that my husband and sons were there to meet me at the finish line!

So happy that my husband and sons were there to meet me at the finish line!

Hello All,

My name is Kristen and I am a 30 year old mum of two beautiful boys, 4.5 years and 2.5 years old. They are my dream come true. My husband and I are so happy to have two little boys less than two years apart and so excited to see them grow together.

We are an adventurous family and love the outdoors. We built a rustic camp in the woods on 116 acres of land and go there as often as we can. My favourite hobbies are motorcycle riding, running, hunting, hiking,  reading, blogging,  taking photos, creating new recipes and watching my sons discover the world. I also just climbed Mount Washington, NH. The highest peak in the North-East and plan on tackling all of the 4000+ footers in the White Mountains.

I  discovered a huge love of fitness and running in March 2013. Since then, I have completed many running races including three half-marathons and one full marathon. I love to encourage other people to exercise and am very proud to see that my sons enjoy exercising and being active as much as I do .

 Hypothermic Half Marathon Montreal 2015


Since my oldest son has been born, I have discovered the more ‘natural’ side of life. I love to discuss and encourage others to cloth diaper, breastfeed and baby wear. 

I live in Quebec Canada but I unfortunately do not speak French. I have a Bachelor’s degree in psychology but I am currently a stay-at-home mom, blogger and Norwex Independent Sales Consultant. 

My husband and I are both avid motorcyclists and love exploring new places on our Harley Davidsons. 


Motorcycle Riding Couple


We just got a Golden Retriever puppy Gunner, in December 2014. He is our constant companion and loves the outdoors as much as we do! 



muddy golden retriever puppy


I love creating VIDEO reviews and providing my readers with as much “hands-on” viewing as possible. I have  posted cloth diaper and baby-wearing How-To videos as well. You can see all of my videos on YouTube.

I enjoy blogging about the crafts and activities I do weekly with my kids. Watching them explore and create is so much fun. I also post simple and yummy recipes that anyone can do.

My blog is very PR Friendly and I will gladly hear any product pitch.

Thanks for getting to know me! I’d love to hear more about you.


Feel free to contact me at newmummylove [at] yahoo [dot] ca



Baby Giveaways Galore was my blog for 3.5 years. I have just recently changed its name to Country Fit Family. You will see most of my photos and videos still carry that name. I am slowly going back through my archives to change the name. Thanks for your patience.