Weekly Fitness Report {06/02/17}

I have created this weekly fitness report to keep track of all of my workouts. I really believe in recording your workouts. I find it keeps me accountable and ensures that I exercise to have something to report most days of the week. I really don’t like seeing blank days on my exercise calendar! Hope you’ll follow along on my weekly adventures.


Weekly Fitness Report


Monday, January 30  2017

ROWED 3 km TIME: 37 minutes – Burnt 390 calories

Great rowing workout this morning. My muscles were protesting after two days of hardcore snowshoeing on the weekend before.


WALK 2.6 km TIME: 35 minutes BURNT: 129 calories

I walked my dogs in the evening in the woods in the dark. I’m getting more used to it now.


Tuesday, January 31st 2017

WALK 3.12km TIME: 45 minutes BURNT: 159  calories

Took my dogs in the woods after dark again. I was not feeling well in the morning so I skipped my workout.



Wednesday, February 1st 2017

REST DAY I was feeling very drained so I didn’t go any exercise.


Thursday, February 2nd 2017

ROWED 2.27 km TIME: 30 minutes BURNT: 313 calories

Still not feeling great but I got my 30 minutes of rowing in.


SNOWSHOED 4.23 km TIME: 1 hour 14 minutes BURNT: 692 calories

While my son was at preschool in the afternoon, I took the dogs and went snowshoeing in the woods. We went around and around making tracks in the large field near my house.


Friday,  February 3rd 2017

RUN 5km TIME: 33 minutes PACE: 6:35min/km BURNT: 365 calories

I did my run that I skipped on Tuesday. I was feeling good and it was a great workout.


Saturday, February 4th 2017

I was super cold and windy outside so I didn’t go snowshoeing. I should have done a indoor workout but I was lazy.


Sunday, February 5th  2016


My husband and I took our kids tubing at the local hill. There was some walking but not too much because there was a lift to pull you up the hill. It was a fun outdoor activity and our boys loved it.


SNOWSHOED  5.42 km TIME: 1 hour 37 minutes BURNT: 901 calories

After lunch, I took the dogs and headed through the woods and fields to get some nice distance. I was beat when I got home.





ROWING: 5.27 km


WALKING:  5.7 km


TOTAL: 25.62 km


How was your week in fitness?

What kind of exercise did you do? Have you ever tried a rowing machine?

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