Weekly Fitness Report {30/01/17}

I have created this weekly fitness report to keep track of all of my workouts. I really believe in recording your workouts. I find it keeps me accountable and ensures that I exercise to have something to report most days of the week. I really don’t like seeing blank days on my exercise calendar! Hope you’ll follow along on my weekly adventures.


Weekly Fitness Report


I finally decided to revive my Weekly Fitness Report. I have been neglecting my blog so I am planning to post regularly again.

Ooh, I forgot to mention that I bought a new rowing machine over the Christmas holidays so that it my new FAVOURITE workout!


Monday, January 23rd 2017

ROWED 2.35 km TIME: 33 minutes – Burnt 344 calories

I am in love with my rower. It is so fun to blast music while rowing. It is great cardio and muscle toning activity. Works the whole body! When I started, I always did the programs that came on the machine which were all about 1.6km. Now I am working on building my endurance and strength.


WALK 5 km TIME: 1 hour BURNT: 238 calories

Mondays my youngest son has preschool in the afternoons so I took my dogs for a fast paced walk on the back country roads.


Tuesday, January 24th 2017

RUN 5km TIME: 35:30 PACE: 7:05 min/km BURNT: 373 calories

I had taken a large running hiatus but I have started back on my treadmill once a week. It really feels like starting over but my endurance is slowly coming back.


Wednesday, January 25th 2017

WALK 3km TIME:45 minutes BURNT: 154+ calories

I took my dogs for a walk in the woods in the early evening. It is more difficult than walking on the road since I was struggling through a couple inches of snow in the woods which created more resistance and gives a better workout.


Thursday, January 26th 2017

ROWED 2.75 km TIME: 35 minutes BURNT: 365 calories

Another workout on my rower first thing in the morning.


SNOWSHOED 3.5 km TIME: 1 hour 5 minutes BURNT: 600 calories

While my son was at preschool in the afternoon, I took the dogs and went snowshoeing in the woods after a nice snowfall. I love making tracks through fresh fallen snow!


Friday,  January 27th 2017



Saturday, January 28th 2017

SNOWSHOED  4.5 km TIME: 1 hour 20 minutes BURNT: 757 calories

I went for a nice exploratory snowshoeing trek to new places in the woods that I had never been before with my dogs.


Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland


Sunday, January 28th  2016

SNOWSHOED  5.14 km TIME: 1 hour 21 minutes BURNT: 759 calories

I took the dogs and headed out into the woods again. This time I went in a more direct route to do some good distance.


Weekly Fitness Report


RODE FOURWHEELER 1 hour 30 minutes BURNT: 700 calories

As soon as I got back from snowshoeing, I changed my clothes, got my kids dressed up and my husband and I took the kids out fourwheeling on the winter trails. The trails were nice and smooth. We drove to a restaurant, had lunch and came home. MapMyRun ap says that I burnt 700 calories driving the fourwheeler. That seems really high to me but who knows.


Weekly Fitness Report



ROWING: 5.1 km




TOTAL: 31.2 km


How was your week in fitness?

What kind of exercise did you do? Have you ever tried a rowing machine?

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