Button Bats – Craft for Kids

My mother gave me a huge box full of buttons a while ago and I have been excited to try out some new crafts with my kids. This week in anticipation of Halloween we created Button Bats craft for kids.


Button Bats craft for kids



  • black or dark coloured buttons
  • dark coloured pipe cleaners
  • googly eyes
  • white glue or sticky tac
  • fishing line


My four-year-old son enjoyed picking through the button box for the black buttons. We used one large black button for the head and many smaller black buttons for the wings.

Thread one pipecleaner through the button hole of the large button until the button is in the middle of the pipecleaner. Then thread the other end through the other button hole so the button will lay flat in the middle of the pipecleaner.

Then thread smaller buttons just through one button hole to make the wings. Do equal number of buttons on each wing.


Button Bats craft for kids


When the wings are filled, bend the end of the pipecleaner into little loops to prevent the buttons from sliding back off.

Stick googly eyes on the bat with white glue or in our case sticky tac. Regular stick glue doesn’t work.

Cut two pieces of fishing wire into equal lengths. Thread one piece through each loop at the end of the wings.

Use thumbtacks to attach the fishing line to the ceiling in the corner of a room a room. The bats will look like they are flying.

Happy Halloween!


Button Bats craft for kids



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