Textured Snowman Art for Kids

It is a dreary raining day here. Perfect for crafting with kids! My 3.5 year old son and I had a blast creating a holiday/winter themed work of art. We are both waiting impatiently for the snow to fall so decided to make snowmen.

Textured Snowman Art for Kids



  • white card stock or piece of poster board
  • white, blue, green, red and white sparkly tissue paper
  • glue stick



This is a very easy and fun craft to do with your kids. They will need more or less help from you depending on their ages. My 3.5 year old and I worked on it together.

Spread glue all over the poster board then fill half the page with sparkly white tissue paper and half with blue. Then lightly draw the outline of the snowmen on the page. This makes it easier for your child to know how to follow the design. Fill the inside of the design with glue.

My son’s favourite part was tearing the tissue paper into little tiny pieces and then balling them up. Lots of fun sensory experiences here. It is a long process so it was nice to work on it together with Christmas music playing in the background. It took us about 45 minutes from start to finish. My son stuck the tissue balls on the glued area and I filled any holes in the design.

He was so excited when we finished and he could see the final product!



Textured Snowman Art for Kids


Textured Snowman Art for Kids


Textured Snowman Art for Kids


Tissue paper is one of my favourite craft supplies. It is so easy to work with and appeals to a number of your child’s senses. Plus it is often free! I save all tissue paper received in birthday and Christmas gifts. Keep it all together and then it is easy to raid your tissue paper stash for the colours you need.

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If you are in the Christmas mood, you should make my Dollar Store Christmas Sensory Bin. It is inexpensive and lots of fun for kids.

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