Weekly Run Report with Linky {14/04/14}

I am officially reviving my Weekly Run Report linky. I started training a couple of weeks ago for a half-marathon in June so I will be devoting a lot of time and energy to running. I always keep track of my workouts on MapMyRun.com and my runs at DailyMile.com so I will compile it all here to give you and myself a clear summary of my training progress.

I don’t know about you, but keeping track and logging my miles is very motivating and rewarding.

Bloggers: If you do a weekly workout summary, please link up at the bottom of the post. I will make sure to come visit and check out your progress as well. My Weekly Run Report with Linky will be posted every Monday morning so come back and link up each week.


Weekly Run Report



Sunday, April 6th 2014

RUN 4.36 miles (7kms) 48 minutes (10:55  min/mile) – Burnt 517 calories

Starting to build mileage back up after taking most of the winter off from running. My best friend Jessie and I ran around her town on a cold windy morning. It was our longest run of 2014 so far . 


Monday, April 7th 2014

WALK 2.17 miles (3.5km) 1 hour – Burnt 255 calories

Walked around the lake while pushing my youngest in a stroller with a friend and her kids. We walked at our 3.5 year olds’ pace. They did well and walked almost the entire way by themselves and then played at the park.


Tuesday, April 8th 2014

The rain was melting the snow pretty quickly during my run.

The rain was melting the snow pretty quickly during my run.

SHOVELLED SNOW 30 minutes – Burnt 121 calories

I am trying to get all the snow in my yard melted as quickly as possible so the kids can have their play area back. I shovelled snow around to give it a chance to melt faster. It made a huge difference! 

RUN 3.1 miles (5km) 32:25 minutes (10:28 min/mile) – Burnt 364 calories

Hilly evening run in the pouring rain and wind. I was soaked when I was done but felt great not to be only a fair weather runner. I am going to have to get used to putting in the miles in any condition. In my half-marathon last October, it rained the entire time.


Post rainy 5km run.

Post rainy 5km run.


Wednesday, April 9th 2014



Thursday, April 10th 2014

RUN 5 miles (8km) 54 minutes (10:42 min/mile) – Burnt 590 calories

Beautiful evening run with Jessie and new running buddy Monica. Hilly country road. Very little traffic so it was great to spread out side by side and chat with the girls.


Friday, April 11th 2014

MOTORCYCLE RIDE 2 hours – Burnt 348 calories

My husband and I got our motorcycles out for the first time this year! We went for a short ride with a friend in the afternoon. It was nice weather but the second half of our ride was freezing. You discover a lot of different muscles when you ride motorcycle. I was a little sore the next day.


Saturday, April 12th 2014


My running partners: Jessie & Monica


RUN 6.22 miles (10km) 1:08 (10:53 min/mile) – Burnt 737 calories

Long run of the week. 10 kms on a hilly country road with Jessie and Monica. We ran a bit fast for  the long slow distance that was on the schedule but I am trying to increase my overall speed. I plan on taking the next long runs slower and the shorter distances faster. This week they have been about the same speed for all. 


The sun came out!  Jessie, myself, Monica

The sun came out!
Jessie, myself, Monica


It was a great week for running. Had 3 beautiful days for running with friends and 1 cold raining one by myself. It is great to have another person to run with. Monica is a lot faster than me, so it is pushing me to run faster as well. I wanted to increase my speed this year so trying to keep up with her is a fun way to do it.

I really have to incorporate more cross-training to protect myself from injury. Cross-training is always my downfall when I get into running mode. I need to make sure to branch out. 

I did buy myself a foam roller and have been rolling out my leg muscles after running. I think it must be helping since I haven’t been getting that stiff even after so many longer runs than I am used to. I always stretch post run so that also helps.


What exercise did you do this week?

If you are a runner, what is your favourite form of cross-training?



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  1. I like that you put snow shoveling as part of your workout! Ha ha I like to do crossfit for crosstraining. I go about 3 times a week. Sometimes I get to the pool for a few laps. That’s great about the foam roller. I also like to use lacrosse balls and a frozen water bottle that I roll my feet over. You should try it. Works wonders!

    • I get tons of winter workouts from snow shovelling! Full body exercise, no gym membership required. ;) I tried the frozen water bottle before it does feel great on sore feet. I’ve been wanting to try cross fit for while. It seems very popular.

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