Baby’s First Haircut

My son is going to be 2 years old, 2 months from now. Can you believe that he JUST got his very first haircut? When he was born he had only a dusting of hair on his little head and it has taken almost two years for it to grow in. I finally decided to get it cut because he had a very long part in the front and a little duck tail in the back. The back started to get fuzzy and knotted in his sleep. The sides of his head still has very little hair but I thought with a cut it would grow in more evenly.


Baby's First Haircut


My wonderful friend Lynda, who is my boys’ Godmother is our resident hairdresser. She cuts my boys’ hair and mine whenever we need a trim. We are so lucky that she will stop by on her way to work and trim it up nicely. Thanks Lynda! 


Baby's First Curl


Look what I have! Baby’s First Curl! I saved this little curl for his baby book. Again, so funny that Baby’s first curl is from when he is almost 2 years old. More like toddler’s first curl. 


Baby's First Haircut


There is my handsome boy. Hair all trimmed and enjoying his first ring pop candy as a reward. He sat through his first haircut very well. Luckily, it didn’t take long since there wasn’t that much to cut. 


How old were your kids’ at their first haircuts?


Do they mind getting it cut?


  1. My girl just turned two and still hasn’t had a hair cut, she has a little bit more hair than your little one, but it took so long for her to get any hair that I don’t want to cut it, yet (even though it’s kind of wild).

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